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Groupon as Health Insurance?

"The last time Mark Stella went to the dentist he didn’t need an insurance card. Instead, he pulled out a Groupon."

Interesting. Actually sounds like a really great use for Groupon.


Bucks: Impatient? It May Be Hurting Your Credit Score

Patient people tend to have higher credit scores, a study has found.

Homemade Pizza

Really wants to make me try this when I get back to CMU!

Biometric Password

Very cool.

Is It Better to Buy or Rent?

Very useful tool, people should really use this.

Social Media Done Simply

Jidly allows you to quickly interact with people whom are active on Facebook and spot rising trends without having to delve into the huge pile of data you would have had to otherwise.

The Dawn of a New Demographic: The Drunken Consumer

In an absolutely hilarious rise of a brand new demographic, we now have the drunken consumer, people whom will shop for items online whilst drunk only to have random packages shipped to their house later on.

This seems like a great market to encourage large amounts of spending but as mentioned in the article, could go terribly wrong by also increasing the rate of returns and thus costs for the company itself.

On the other hand, someone did buy a $10,000 Motorcycle Tour of New Zealand.

(Source: The New York Times)

"Apple is estimated to have taken in 52 percent of the handset industry’s operating profits last quarter, despite only having a 4.2 percent global handset market share."



One of my favorite classical songs, Libertango, performed by Yo-Yo Ma with visuals of the Tango in the video.